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  • ELECTROSTATIC WASHABLE PERMANENT LIFETIME FILTER! SAVE A TON OF MONEY OVER REPLACEMENT FILTERS! SIMPLY WASH / DRY AND REUSE! 6 STAGES OF FILTRATION!!!!! (not just 5 like the more expensive BoAir filter!) (8 TOTAL LAYERS IN THIS FILTER WHEN YOU COUNT THE FRONT AND BACK GRIDS TOO!) FIRST, I would like to start off by thanking you for visiting our ebay listing for ELECTROSTATIC WASHABLE RE-USEABLE HIGH QUALITY AIR FILTERS! With our feeback score currently over 17,000+ positives, you can rest assured that we stand behind our products and offer the best in air filtration! Don't be fooled by the "other" guys and all of their "hype" about their washable filters. We have been in the filtration business for over 25 years. We not only sell to hospitals (super clean surgery room filters) and pharmaceutical drug manufacturers (ultra clean room facilities) we also bring our expertise to you, the homeowner! We are not a "supply house" that sells a lot of everything, we are FILTRATION EXPERTS! SECOND, I would like to be up front and honest. Virtually ALL washable type / re-useable type filters are NOT MERV rated! They simply do not perform well under the industry standard MERV test. This is why you don't see MERV ratings on this listing and you DON'T see them on virtually all other washable OR ELECTROSTATIC filters offered on Ebay. They just can't perform well enough to get a good solid beneficial test using the MERV standard. Plain and simple! However, if you're not overly concerned with sub-micron particles and want to save money, these washable permanent ELECTROSTATIC filters are an EXCELLENT alternative! You can save a lot of money in the long run by washing and re-using these filters instead of disposing of costly pleated filters month after month and year after year. THIRD, feel free to review all of the other claims and info on the "other" electrostatic washable filters on Ebay, EVEN THE BoAir BRAND. They brag about their filters having a restriction value of 0.10" w.g. with the new clean filter. (That's a measure of how much restriction the filter places upon your unit's fan/motor to suck the air through it. Our filters have just 0.08" w.g. initial resistance! THAT MEANS OURS IS LESS RESTRICTIVE TO AIRFLOW ALLOWING YOUR UNIT TO RUN EASIER AND SAVE YOU ON ENERGY COSTS! FINALLY, their filter is just a 5 STAGE FILTRATION. OUR FILTER HAS 6 TOTAL LAYERS OF FILTRATION IN IT, PLUS THE OUTER TWO GRIDS! OH, AND DID I MENTION........... OUR PRICE IS LOWER TOO! DUE TO SUPPLY CHAIN ISSUES AND BEING ABLE TO GET RAW MATERIALS / METALS ALONG WITH A VERY TOUGH TIME FINDING LABOR... Please allow up to 30 business days for your order to be manufactured and shipped out. (Excludes weekends and holidays). Sometimes quicker, rarely ever longer! We put your order in the production line the same day you order it here on ebay! CONSTRUCTION: This Low Resistance Electrostatic Filter meets manufacturer specifications for low initial resistance to air flow. A combination of woven polypropylene and unique high loft polypropylene enclosed in a nominal 1" or nominal 2" metal frame. ADVANTAGES: No modifications needed to the furnaceNo electrical connections needed, air flow charges filterHelps remove tobacco smokeImproves the air for allergy sufferersWashable, just rinse in sinkCuts down on dustingEliminates many odorsRemoves microscopic irritantsFilter should outlast your furnace These filters are recommended to be washed out every 4 to 6 weeks. Simply remove your filter and use a vacuum or light air hose to remove dust. Then, use water to rinse the opposite direction of the airflow that you had the filter installed. If necessary, a light cleaner such as mild dish or laundry soap can be used to remove cigarette smoke residue or other things that may adhere to the filter. Rinse the filter out very well, allow it to dry (a hairdryer on low comes in handy!) and put it back in your unit. Do not leave your filter out in direct sunlight or high heat situations for anylong period of time, and never use oil or other chemical sprays on this type of filter. The 1" version has 4 layers of lifetime expanded aluminum and 2 layers of electrostatic filter media for a total 6 STAGE FILTRATION!. The 2" version has 5 layers of lifetime expanded aluminum and 2 layers of electrostatic media for a 7 STAGE FILTRATION! Researchers now agree there may be a greater number of irritating pollutants indoors than outdoors. The result is recirculated stale air contaminated by dust, fibers, fumes, cleaning chemicals and solvents, bacteria and mold. These invisible particles are causing you the discomfort and irritation of itchy, watery eyes, sneezing, wheezing and other adverse reactions. Electrostatic air filters use air and static electricity to capture airborne particles. There are no electrical connections or system modivfications needed. The air flow from your home's ventilation system moves steadily over the filter media, enhancing its charge field. As airborne particles approace the charge field, they are drawn into the media and held until the filter is cleaned. If you desire maximum efficiency, set your unit to run the fan constantly so that the air is continuously recirculating through the filter. MUST READ, NOTE! NOTE! NOTE! Actual size of standard (in drop down menu) filters are 1/2” under in length and width 1/8” under in depth. (Example: 20x20x1 is actually 19 1/2 x 19 1/2 x 7/8). ANY FILTER YOU ORDER (from the drop down menu above) WILL BE 1/2 INCH LESS ON THE FACE SIZE! THE DEPTH WILL ALWAYS BE 7/8 INCHES for the 1" filters and 1-7/8" for the 2" filters. If you're buying from the custom size range above, please send us a message stating the exact size you want the filter to measure. IF YOU NEED A CUSTOM FILTER (LAST 4 OPTIONS ON THE DROP DOWN MENU. Multiply your actual face size dimensions. Example. If you want a custom filter that measures 21.5 x 27.5, doing the math... 21.5 x27.5 591 square inches PICK THAT CATEGORY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE CHOICES ABOVE! CUSTOM FILTER RULES THAT MUST BE FOLLOWED! 1 OF YOUR DIMENSIONS MUST NOT BE LARGER THAN 24-1/2 THE OTHER DIMENSION MUST NOT BE LARGER THAN 29-1/2 SPECIAL SIZES - Custom sizes are made to the customers exact specifications. IF you order from the custom size range, please let us know the exact dimensions you require, do not assume slight under sizing like the standard filters. CLEANABILITY - To gain top efficiency from your heating or air conditioning unit with the ELECTROSTATIC Filter, simply dust off excess dirt, flush out under hot water and replace. A mild detergent can be used if required. There’s no need for oils or adhesives. Because of the Aluminum material in the filter, DO NOT use a strong Alkali Solution. Drain holes are punched in the bottom to allow for proper drainage after cleaning. After cleaning, it’s important the filter is dry before returning it to the unit. Email or message us with any questions, we will be glad to help! BOAIR, AIR-CARE, AAF, our performance and price beats them all! *Trade & Company names are used for identification only; no product endorsement is implied, nor is discrimination intended against similar materials, we are simply giving published comparison information. YOUR ORDER WILL BE SENT TO THE PRODUCTION FACTORY THE VERY SAME DAY YOU ORDER FROM US. HOWEVER, DUE TO IT BEING A LARGE MANUFACTURING FACILITY AND THEM GETTING THOUSANDS OF ORDERS EVERY DAY, THEY OBVIOUSLY CAN'T MAKE / MANUFACTURE / PACKAGE / LABEL AND SHIP OUT EVERY ORDER THAT COMES IN EVERY DAY. THEY SET UP SCHEDULED PRODUCTION TIMES FOR DIFFERENT PRODUCTS THAT THEY MAKE AND YOUR ORDER COULD SHIP ANYWHERE BETWEEN 1 TO 3 WEEKS AFTER PLACING YOUR ORDER. IT WILL SHIP THE VERY SAME DAY THAT THEY MAKE / MANUFACTURE IT, AS THERE IS NO DELAY THERE. IT SIMPLY TAKES THEM TIME TO SCHEDULE THESE INTO THE PRODUCTION OF THE 10'S OF THOUSANDS OF DIFFERENT FILTERS THEY MAKE. HERE'S JUST A SAMPLE OF THE STANDARD OR CUSTOM SIZES WE CAN MAKE FOR YOU! 6.88X15.88X1 (Actual Size) 8X14X1 (Actual Size) 8X16X1 (7.5 x 15.5) 8X20X1 (Actual Size) 8X24X1 (Actual Size) 8X30X1 (7.5 x 29.5) 8X30X1 (Actual Size) 9.75X23.75X1 (Actual Size) 10X10X1 (9.5 x 9.5) 10X10X1 (Actual Size) 10X14X1 (9.5 x 13.5) 10X14X1 (Actual Size) 10X15X1 (9.5 x 14.5) 10X16X1 (9.5 x 15.5) 10X18X1 (Actual Size) 10X20X1 (9.5 x 19.5) 10X24X1 (9.5 x 23.5) 10X24X1 (Actual Size) 10X25X1 (9.5 x 24.5) 10X28X1 (9.5 x 27.5) 10X30X1 (9.75 x 29.75) 11.25X11.25X1 (Actual Size) 11.25X19.25X1 (Actual Size) 11.25X23.25X1 (Actual Size) 11.5X21X1 (Actual Size) 11.88X16.88X1 (Actual Size) 12.5X21X1 (Actual Size) 12.75X21X1 (Actual Size) 12X12X1 (11.5 x 11.5) 12X12X1 (11.75 x 11.75) 12X12X1 (Actual Size) 12X15X1 (11.5 x 14.5) 12X16X1 (11.5 x 15.5) 12X18X1 (11.5 x 17.5) 12X18X1 (Actual Size) 12X20X1 (11.5 x 19.5) 12X20X1 (11.75 x 19.75) 12X22X1 (Actual Size) 12X24X1 (11.5 x 23.5) 12X24X1 (11.75 x 23.75) 12X25X1 (11.5 x 24.5) 12X26.5X1 (Actual Size) 12X26X1 (11.5 x 25.5) 12X27X1 (11.5 x 26.5) 12X27X1 (Actual Size) 12X30.5X1 (Actual Size) 12X30X1 (11.5 x 29.5) 12X30X1 (Actual Size) 12X36X1 (11.5 x 35.5) 12X36X1 (Actual Size) 13.25X13.25X1 (Actual Size) 13X18X1 (Actual Size) 13X20X1 (Actual Size) 13X21.5X1 (Actual Size) 13X21X1 (Actual Size) 13X24X1 (Actual Size) 13X25X1 (12.5 x 24.5) 14.5X19X1 (Actual Size) 14X14X1 (13.5 x 13.5) 14X14X1 (13.75 x 13.75) 14X18X1 (13.5 x 17.5) 14X18X1 (Actual Size) 14X20X1 (13.5 x 19.5) 14X20X1 (13.75 x 19.75) 14X22X1 (Actual Size) 14X24X1 (13.5 x 23.5) 14X24X1 (13.75 x 23.75) 14X25X1 (13.5 x 24.5) 14X27X1 (Actual Size) 14X28X1 (13.5 x 27.5) 14X28X1 (Actual Size) 14X30X1 (13.5 x 29.5) 14X36X1 (13.5 x 35.5) 14X36X1 (Actual Size) 15.25X15.25X1 (Actual Size) 15.5X29X1 (Actual Size) 15X15X1 (Actual Size) 15X20X1 (14.5 x 19.5) 15X20X1 (14.75 x 19.75) 15X25X1 (14.5 x 24.5) 15X25X1 (Actual Size) 15X30.5X1 (Actual Size) 15X30.75X1 (Actual Size) 15X30X1 (14.5 x 29.5) 16.25X21.25X1 (Actual Size) 16.25X21X1 (Actual Size) 16.38X21.38X1 (Actual Size) 16.38X21.5X1 (Actual Size) 16.5X21X1 (Actual Size) 16.5X22X1 (Actual Size) 16X16X1 (15.75 x 15.75) 16X18X1 (Actual Size) 16X19X1 (15.5 x 18.5) 16X20X1 (15.5 x 19.5) 16X20X1 (15.75 x 19.75) 16X21.5X1 (Actual Size) 16X21X1 (15.5 x 20.5) 16X21X1 (Actual Size) 16X22.25X1 (Actual Size) 16X22X1 (Actual Size) 16X24X1 (15.5 x 23.5) 16X24X1 (15.75 x 23.75) 16X25X1 (15.5 x 24.5) 16X25X1 (15.75 x 24.75) 16X27X1 (15.5 x 26.5) 16X30X1 (15.5 x 29.5) 16X32X1 (15.75 x 31.75) 16X36X1 (15.5 x 35.5) 16X36X1 (Actual Size) 17.25X17.25X1 (Actual Size) 17.25X19.25X1 (Actual Size) 17.25X23.25X1 (Actual Size) 17.25X26X1 (Actual Size) 17.25X29.25X1 (Actual Size) 17.25X35.25X1 (Actual Size) 17.5X22X1 (Actual Size) 17.5X23.5X1 (17.1 x 23.1) 17.5X27X1 (Actual Size) 17X17X1 (Actual Size) 17X19X1 (Actual Size) 17X20X1 (16.5 x 19.5) 17X21X1 (Actual Size) 17X22X1 (16.5 x 21.5) 17X25X1 (16.5 x 24.5) 17X25X1 (Actual Size) 18.25X22X1 (Actual Size) 18X18X1 (17.5 x 17.5) 18X18X1 (Actual Size) 18X20X1 (17.5 x 19.5) 18X20X1 (Actual Size) 18X22X1 (17.5 x 21.5) 18X24X1 (17.5 x 23.5) 18X25X1 (17.5 x 24.5) 18X30X1 (17.5 x 29.5) 18X36X1 (17.5 x 35.5) 18X36X1 (Actual Size) 19.25X21.25X1 (Actual Size) 19.25X23.25X1 (Actual Size) 19.5X21X1 (Actual Size) 19.5X22X1 (Actual Size) 19.75X21X1 (Actual Size) 19.75X22X1 (Actual Size) 19.88X21.5X1 (Actual Size) 19X19X1 (Actual Size) 19X21.5X1 (Actual Size) 19X21X1 (18.5 x 20.5) 19X21X1 (Actual Size) 19X22X1 (Actual Size) 19X23X1 (Actual Size) 19X25X1 (18.5 x 24.5) 19X27X1 (Actual Size) 20X20X1 (19.5 x 19.5) 20X20X1 (19.75 x 19.75) 20X21.5X1 (Actual Size) 20X21X1 (Actual Size) 20X22.25X1 (Actual Size) 20X22X1 (19.5 x 21.5) 20X22X1 (Actual Size) 20X23X1 (19.5 x 22.5) 20X23X1 (Actual Size) 20X24X1 (19.5 x 23.5) 20X24X1 (19.75 x 23.75) 20X25X1 (19.5 x 24.5) 20X25X1 (19.75 x 24.75) 20X27X1 (Actual Size) 20X30X1 (19.5 x 29.5) 20X32X1 (Actual Size) 20X34X1 (19.5 x 33.5) 20X36X1 (19.5 x 35.5) 20X36X1 (Actual Size) 20X40X1 (19.5 x 39.5) 21.25X21.25X1 (Actual Size) 21.5X23.25X1 (Actual Size) 21.5X23X1 (Actual Size) 21.5X24X1 (Actual Size) 21.5X26X1 (Actual Size) 21X21X1 (20.5 x 20.5) 21X21X1 (Actual Size) 21X22X1 (20.5 x 21.5) 21X22X1 (Actual Size) 21X23.25X1 (Actual Size) 21X23X1 (Actual Size) 22.25X25X1 (Actual Size) 22X22X1 (21.5 x 21.5) 22X22X1 (Actual Size) 22X23.5X1 (Actual Size) 22X24X1 (21.5 x 23.5) 22X24X1 (Actual Size) 22X26X1 (21.5 x 25.5) 22X26X1 (Actual Size) 22X28X1 (Actual Size) 22X36X1 (21.5 x 35.5) 22X37X1 (21.5 x 36.5) 23.25X29.25X1 (Actual Size) 23.5X23.5X1 (23.1 x 23.1) 23.5X25X1 (Actual Size) 23.5X30.75X1 (Actual Size) 23X25X1 (Actual Size) 24X24X1 (23.38 x 23.38) 24X24X1 (23.75 x 23.75) 24X25X1 (23.5 x 24.5) 24X25X1 (Actual Size) 24X28X1 (23.5 x 27.5) 24X28X1 (Actual Size) 24X30X1 (23.5 x 29.5) 24X36X1 (23.5 x 35.5) 24X36X1 (Actual Size) 25X25X1 (24.5 x 24.5) 25X25X1 (24.75 x 24.75) 25X28X1 (24.5 x 27.5) 25X28X1 (Actual Size) 25X29X1 (24.5 x 28.5) 25X32X1 (24.5 x 31.5) 25X32X1 (Actual Size) 27X27X1 (26.5 x 26.5) 28X29.5X1 (Actual Size) 28X30X1 (27.5 x 29.5) 29.5X32X1 (Actual Size) 29.5X36X1 (Actual Size) 29X29X1 (28.5 x 28.5) 30X30X1 (29.5 x 29.5) 30X30X1 (Actual Size) 30X32X1 (Actual Size) 30X36X1 (29.5 x 35.5) 30X36X1 (Actual Size)
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