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  • PAJE SUPERFOODS Our Amazon superfood is harvested with sustainable methods during season to help local farmers and the environment. Brazilian farmland in one of the best in the world . All the nutrients and water will produce the most nutricious/delicious fruit. Our produce is turned into pulp and freeze dried shortly after being harvested.We retail pack the powders in SMALL BATCHES from the barrels in FLORIDA to control FRESHNESS.Our powders are Non-GMO, Gluten free with NO added sugar , color or flavor .____________________________________________________________________ USA BUYERS - ASK for "COMBINED SHIPPING" . Orders 2lb to 8lb ships for $8.90Order 8lb and over - SHIP IS FREE USPS priority. EASIEST WAY EBAY email us your "custom" order list mixing many flavors and sizes and will send you quote and link for payment Perfect product for COSMETIC and FOOD producers to add flavor and properties into the line up. Very good for SMOOTHIES, Add to plain yogurt or Ice Cream . Cuisine Chefs and Artisans can easily get the desired flavor by adding PAJE FRUIT POWDER... Countless applications for animal feed , plant feed , hot sauce, salad dressing, cake batter and fillings , bread , creams , skin masks , hair productsenergy, fruit and flavored drinks of all kinds from individual to commercial production.CAMPING / BOATING / Survival Bunker. There is no need of refrigeration.ADD FLAVOR to your water / tea / special mix.________________________________________________________________ WHOLESALE inquiries visit - BULK 55lb/25KG net weight drums for food productionavailable most flavors - vitamin shop , smoothie or juice bar , FARMER's MARKET ._______________________________________________________________ INTERNATIONAL BUYERS > We are aware of higher shipping costs and want to help you order3LB / 3.5LB orders can ship between $23 and $36 and 8LB to 9.5LB can ship between $53 and $73- request ship discount before payment - limits apply - fast USPS priority ship. EASIEST ebay email us your "custom" order list mixing many flavors and sizes and will send link for payment. - 55LB/25kg net barrel of fruit powder can be shipped door to door most countries > talk to us. _______________________________________________________________ PAJE SUPERFOODS :ACAI , GUARANA , ACEROLA , CAMU CAMU, CUPUACU , GOJI BERRY, GREEN COCONUT , POMEGRANATE, COLLAGEN , COCOA , ALOE VERA , PLUM, BLUEBERRY , DRAGON FRUIT, SOURSOP FRUIT AND LEAF . PAJE POWDER FRUITS :PAPAYA , PINEAPPLE , STRAWBERRY , APPLE , GUAVA , MANGO , GRAPES , AVOCADO , LEMON , CASHEW , MELON , PASSION FRUIT , WATERMELON , BANANA, RASPBERRY, BLACKBERRY, CRANBERRY , KIWI, CAJA, ORANGE, PLUM PAJE POWDER VEGGIES / TEAS :BEET, BROCCOLI, SPINACH, TOMATO, CARROT, EGGPLANT, KALE, YERBA MATE, GREEN TEA, RED TEA.PAJE POWDER ROOTS , BARKS and LEAVES :CATUABA , MARIPUAMA , SUMA , MACA, GARCINIA, MORINGA , SPIRULINA , STONE BREAKER , GINGER , CINNAMON , TURMERIC , CIPO SILVER , CARQUEIJA , ALFAFA, CAT's CLAW, PAU PEREIRA, MATCHA, MULUNGU. ____________________________________________________________________ SUPER FRESH POWDER - HIGH QUALITY - YOU CAN CLEARLY TASTE THE BITTERNESS and fruitness of the vitamin C on this product CAMU-CAMU - Botanical name: Myrciaria dubia Camu camu is a low-growing shrub found throughout the Amazon rain forests of Peru and Brazil. It produces a lemon sized, light orange to purplish red fruit with yellow pulp. This fruit is packed with more natural vitamin C than any other food source recorded on the planet, in addition to beta-carotene, potassium, calcium, iron, niacin, phosphorus, protein, serine, thiamin, leucine, and valine. These powerful phytochemicals and amino acids have a surprising range of therapeutic effects. Camu camu has astringent, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, emollient and nutritional properties. Benefits of Camu Camu: Vitamin C - more than any other food! (1/2 teaspoon of powder provides more than 400% the Daily Value!) Strengthens immune system. High in anti-oxidants Balances Mood - effective and safe antidepressant. Supports optimal function of nervous system including eye and brain functions. Provides arthritic protection by helping reduce inflammation. Anti-viral Anti-hepatitic - protects against liver disorders, including liver disease and liver cancer. Effective against all forms of the Herpes virus (i.e. Epstein-Barr, Mononucleosis, cold sores, etc.) Emotional & Mental Well Being Some extraordinary properties of this Amazon rainforest fruit are described by Gary Null, Ph.D., a nationally known nutritionist and researcher. In his Clinician’s Handbook of Natural Healing, (1998), Null lists disease conditions and the herbs that have been found effective for their health promoting properties in reference to specific organ/system weaknesses and problems. In discussing the holistic treatment of depression, he lists 19 plants containing chemical compounds with mood-balancing properties, in order of potency. Camu Camu is #2 on his list. Camu Camu appears to provide nutritional support for the brain to optimize its own mood balancing chemistry. Additionally, published research suggests that Vitamin C supports an increased serotonin level in the brain. Some health care practitioners have reported that Camu Camu has same day mood-balancing effects. There are no side effects, such as photo-sensitivity or gastrointestinal problems, and it can be used safely in combination with pharmaceutical antidepressants. Camu Camu Powder is about 15% Vitamin C by weight. In comparison to oranges, camu camu provides 30-50 times more vitamin C, ten times more iron, three times more niacin, twice as much riboflavin, and 50% more phosphorus. Natural Vitamin C versus Synthetic Vitamin C Vitamin C is the most famous and perhaps most important of all vitamins. It cannot be manufactured by the body and must be ingested. Dr. Szent-Gyorgi won the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1937 for isolating vitamin C and recognizing its important role in human health. In his studies he demonstrated the many benefits of consuming vitamin C in its whole food form. Even though he was the original scientist who isolated ascorbic acid, he insisted that the superior benefits of vitamin C are much more pronounced when consumed from natural foods. Natural food sources of vitamin C also contain other co-factors which enhance vitamin C’s efficiency and utilization by the body. The natural vitamin C content in Camu Camu is enhanced by a full profile of naturally occurring minerals and amino acids. Other Health Conditions Health care practitioners report that a premium quality Camu-Camu has provided very effective nutritional support for putting shingles into remission, cutting the expected time for reduction of symptoms in half, by supporting the body’s natural defenses. Users report that “cold sores,” resolve in one day, genital herpes will often resolve in 48 hours, and the Epstein-Barr type of chronic fatigue will show some improvement in one or two weeks. Camu-Camu may also be taken on a daily basis to provide highly effective support the body’s immune defenses against the herpes virus when it is lies dormant in the body. DISCLAIMER - The information is provided for educational and informational purposes only. It is not intended to prescribe, or treat. It is not intended to be a substitute for a health care provider's consultation.
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