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  • Blue Spirulina Powder - Best Price Madagaskar Vanilla Pods Powder Dried Flowers, Dried Petals, 49 Types! Honey Powder Tea 14+ Types! It’s a very light as are dried. 10 grams of freeze-dried fruits contain 100 grams of fresh fruit nutrition. If you like hiking, camping or just need light weight supplies, freeze-dried berries and fruits can help you with source of dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins. Suggested uses: Perfect for baking, ice cream, cereals, porridge, smoothies, shakes or anything else that would require a great fruit flavour and aroma or just some natural sweetness. Often used in place of sugar where the sweet taste is replaced with natural fruit flavour. A favourite for blending with protein powders to create all naturalfruit flavoured protein shakes. Alternatively blend with coconut milk powder for a fruit flavoured shake. Coconut Milk contains cow milks so it's not a vegan product. Apple powder can contain clumps. These clumps do not affect the flavour or quality of the product. If necessary the powder can be passed through a sieve or broken down with the back of a clean spoon if you need to use it as a dry sprinkle. Some of powders contain maltodextrin. The product may differ from the picture because it is a natural product so the color, taste and smell may depend on the delivery and the season of the year. If any information is missing on label or label is missing please feel free to ask us we will answer for every question and send you needed information :) Some of orders are direct send from our warehouse in Poland, don't worry you will not be charged any VAT or Duty. And delivery time will be as showed on estimated delivery in listing.
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