Fidelity Research FR-64-fx

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  • Here you see one of the germ of all tonearms, Fidelity Research FR-64fx.FR-64fx is designed for low compliance cartridges (tracking force somewhere somewhere around 0.75 gram to 2.5 gram) and material for tonearm tube is aluminum, on the other hand FR-64S is good for high compliance cartridges such as SPU which has tracking force around 4 gram and above. If you like FR tonearm and like to use low compliance cartridges of these days, you should go with this 'FR-64fx' model not FR-64S. This item looks NOS but I am not sure because the box is open.But I am sure the condition of the tonearm is not less than NOS as you can see from the pictures. Free shipping worldwide! ( by EMS that means you will get the item mostly in a week or in ten days, I know this from my experience but I don't guarantee it)
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