Gaggia Classic Pro coffee machine wood custom Steam knob or PARTIAL set clubWOOD

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  • ※※※ NOTICE (2022.9.13~) ※※※ Please check your portafilter handle bolt size before ordering. Then, choose your bolt between M10(10mm) or M12(12mm) on bolt size option. That's why Gaggia Italy may sell different bolt size handle between machine set and their own portafilter single item. We added both bolt size handle in stock for all Gaggia classic users worldwide. If you order only steam knob, please select just M10(10mm) on bolt option. (Oops! sold record disappeared after adding bolt size option.) Espresso coffee machine premium wooden parts Model : Gaggia Classic Pro (version : old, metal body, color body) Material : Bubinga, Zebra, Wenge (African premium hardwoods) Made in Korea Manufactured by 'clubWOOD' ('cW') in Seoul Korea Try to change metal or plastic to premium natural wood !!! ↓ Through the luxury feel at your fingertips, you should be meet the new pure delight !!! Description : 1. Single / Partial set : choose parts what you want. a. Base item : Steam knob 1ea only. b. Two parts set : Steam knob 1ea + Portafilter handle 1ea. c. Three parts set : Steam knob 1ea + Portafilter handle 1ea + Drip tray front magnetic wooden plate 1ea. d. Four parts set : Steam knob 1ea + Portafilter handle 1ea + Drip tray front magnetic wooden plate 1ea + Mug cup wooden tray 1ea. ※ 'Gaggia Classic Pro wood custom parts FULL set' --> ※ If you want wooden Lid and Foot part, please go to this 'FULL set' item listing. The wooden Lid and Foot on above assembled machine photos are only for reference. 2. Wood / Color : Bubinga(red), Zebra(yellow), Wenge(dark), (all African premium exotic hardwoods). 3. Size(mm, inch) : a. Steam knob : approx. Φ33x36T(mm), approx. Φ1.3x1.4T (inch), inch socket set screw & allen wrench. b. Portafilter handle : approx. Φ31x130L (mm), approx. Φ1.2x5.1L (inch), M10(10mm) or M12(12mm) stainless bolt. c. Drip tray front plate, Magnetic type : approx. 3Tx43Wx190L (mm), approx. 0.1Tx1.7Wx7.48L (inch). d. Mug cup tray : approx. 20Tx138Wx195L (mm), approx. 0.78Tx5.4Wx7.7L (inch). 4. Features & application : a. Steam knob : -. Step1) Turn the knob clockwise fully(tightening) and separate by pulling out. -. Step2) Unfasten half a lap and insert wooden knob to shaft. Then tighten with allen wrench. b. Portafilter handle : clubWOOD original design for Gaggia Classic. -. This can not replace for Gaggia original oval shape(cross section) portafilter handle due to different internal structure. -. Change to other style handle (LaMarzocco or Faema) is not possible. -. Choose your bolt size on option between M10(10mm) or M12(12mm). -. Bolt insertion depth in wood 80mm (3.1inch), deeper than other's normal depth 50mm (2inch). Please refer 'Expected effects of deeper depth' & 'Disassembly' on portafilter handle item listing. --> c. Drip tray front magnetic plate : 1) Structure : Neodymium magnet A(Φ15x2T mm, fixed) 3ea in wooden plate(3mmT), Prevention magnet seperation by strong double-sided tape(1mmT). Neodymium magnet B(Φ15x3T mm, free) 3ea hold wooden plate inside plastic drip tray. 2) How to use : user's choice choice1) Magnet pulling type without peeling off red vinyl. Merit : easy when water cleaning. But, be careful magnet breaking by sudden collision! choice2) After peeling off red vinyl, apply wooden plate on drip tray front surface. Merit : no need free magnet. But, be careful to get wet. Wipe off with a dry cloth. 3) Neodymium magnet : -. From manufacturing principle, they can be break easily by sudden collision. Please handle each magnets by keeping approx. 30mm (over 1inch) distance. -. If free magnet broke during user's hand, no more magnet from seller. User's other magnet can be use if it can pull and fix wooden plate on drip tray front. d. Mug cup tray : 1) Silicon coaster enclosed only when buying option Mug cup tray. Separate selling not available. 2) Designed as 'Book' image, very convenient to hold and use with hand. ※ Please enter "GAGGIA Coffee Machine Classic Pro Wood Custom Mounting Tutorial" on YouTube ※ (You can see how to assemble these wooden parts, provided by 'Presso/Kordia' exclusive Gaggia dealer in Korea. Kordia have launched new color body model with our wooden parts in domestic market.) 5. Separation portafilter handle : It's very hard to separate original rubber/plastic handle from group head by only manual or tool force. Do heat up the group head for 1~2 hours enough on machine in order to vaporize instant glue that might applied between head and bolt. Then, original handle become unthread somewhat easily with manual turning force. It may need a vice tool for stronger force depend on machine brand. 6. Finishing : 3~5 times applied with 2~3 kinds of German premium natural oil. In order to achieve higher durability against water and heat, we put much efforts with handmade process. You can also take luxury touch feeling with fingertips. We do not apply on our wood products with chemical finishing materials like urethane which contains harmful components. Of course, natural oil is more expensive and need much manual labor for repeated applying. We want to sell the right products finished with natural oil than urethane. 7. There are somewhat distribution of wood grain & color due to natural material. Do not lose your chance to enjoy more delightful espresso time! About us : We 'clubWOOD' are a manufacturer of premium quality woodcrafts in Korea and import various exotic hardwood directly from East Africa. You can find out our all selling items by searching 'clubWOOD' keyword. Shipment : -. We will ship your order within 2~3 business days by international standard shipping. -. Tracking number should be provide after shipment for every order. -. Import duties/taxes and charges are not included and buyer's responsibility. Contact us We are willing to respond to your inquiry, especially in case of large quantity order. If you have a question of this item or overall question, please feel free to contact us. Thanks.
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