Live plants | Monilaria moniliforme bunny ears, rabbit succulent

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  • pricing$5.00 per 1nodes.1 plant has 10-12nodes. If you order in summer season you will receive dormant plants of Monilaria moniliforme. They will start to wake up in fall through winter. When you receive the dormant bunny ears, use dry and breathable soil, put them in a cool and ventilated place for 3-5 days. Water it only when the soil is dry. DO NOT OVERWATER, allow soil to dry completely between watering. They like bright, INDRIECT light and good humidity. They will start to wake up in fall. Once you see growth, you could start to water them more frequently (~once per week). Monilaria moniliforme is summer dormant. When temperature is above 85 F, plants go into hibernation. Dormancy is when the beautiful leaves turn yellow and wither, leaving only the dry stem. Don’t think of the plant as dead. The dormant period does not need too much water, placed in the shading rate of 60-80% of the ventilated place. In autumn, Monilaria moniliforme gradually begins to wake up. You could start to water them again. First, they grow round green head, and then a pair of club-shaped leaves grow in the middle of the green head. Generally, 2-3 pairs of leaves can grow during the growing period, which means that it grows 2-3 nodes long. Shipment -Combine shipment available. -Plants will be bare root, without soil or pot. If they arrive a little faded, this is normal during shipping. Plant in good soil, wait a few days, then give them a good watering, and they will plump up in no time! -Please do not attempt to return any plants to us. If there is any damage to your plant, please notify us right away and we will find a solution or send a replacement. -If your local temperature in under 32°F (0°C). Please do not buy, the plants may be frozen during shipping. If you are not satisfied, Contact us for solution.
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