[Made In Korea] New Auto Door Stopper "CLOPPER" 4 type available Easy Install

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  • [Made In Korea] Auto Door stopper " CLOPPER"There are 4 types. (Depending on the material and attachment method) - CLOPPER-P -CLOPPER-PS -CLOPPER-M -CLOPPER-MS --> P mean material is Polycarbonate --> M mean material is Metal --> PS mean material is Polycarbonate and sticky type --> MS mean material is Metal and sticky type(Specifications)This is auto door stopper. If you only push the door slightly, door stopper will go up of itself and the door will be closed. - This is the auto door stopper which is very convenient to use and has higher competitive price in the world. - When the door is slightly opened, the door stopper is raised automatically, so there is no need to use your hands or feet and it can the door and shoes form prevent various damages- It possesses excellent stoppage ability with its wedged joint system- The screw positions are identical to existing door stoppers allowing for easy replacement(Application)- When you are carrying heavy items, you can close the door without using your feet or hands - When you are carrying some shopping bag with your both hands, you can close the door only if you push the door slightly with your shoulder or knee or hip etc.- Personal hygiene is promoted as there is no need to touch the dirty door stopper- There is no need to use your feet so the door is kept clean and damage is prevented- Scratches to your shoes can be also prevented
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