Profitec Pro700 600 500 Rocket Giotto Cellini machine wood custom set clubWOOD

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  • ※※※ NOTICE (2022.6.26~) ※※※ Item price & shipping cost reduction approx. 10% due to exchange rate fluctuation. Espresso coffee machine premium wooden parts Model : Profitec Pro700,600,500 & Rocket Giotto, Cellini machine wooden parts set Material : Bubinga/Paurosa, Zebra, Wenge (African premium hardwoods) Made in Korea Manufactured by 'clubWOOD' ('cW') in Seoul Korea Try to change metal or plastic to premium natural wood !!! ↓ Through the luxury feel at your fingertips, you should be meet the new pure delight !!! (This price is for one set of one kind wood species as above photo.) Description : 1) set includes : 1 portafilter handle, 2 steam valve knob, 1 brewing group lever. (Note : Steam valve knob quality was improved entirely to avoid any defects occured at early stage of development.) 2) wood species : Bubinga/Paurosa (red color), Zebra(yellow color), Wenge(dark color) (all African premium exotic hardwoods) 3) size(mm) : -. Portafilter handle : M12 stainless bolt, La Marzocco style approx. Φ33 x 135 L, approx. Faema style Φ31 x 130 L. -. Steam valve knob : approx. Φ60 x 36 T , brass M14 tap insert (custom-made). -. Brewing group lever : approx. Φ26 x 42 L , female M8 x 26 depth. size(inch) : -. Portafilter handle : M12 stainless bolt, La Marzocco style approx. Φ1.3 x 5.3 L, Faema style approx. Φ1.2 x 5.1 L. -. Steam valve knob : approx. Φ2.36 x 1.4 T, brass M14 tap insert (custom-made). -. Brewing group lever : approx. Φ1 x 1.65 L, female M8 x 1 depth. 4) Original cap fitting : Please refer above photos. -. Original cap diameter are slightly different between Profitec and Rocket as above photo. So, it is required to select on machine model option. -. The hole sizes for original cap was made with same size of original Profitec steam knob. So, original cap can be fit on this wooden knob without big trouble. -. But, the wood have usually a contraction and expansion, and so these sizes change slightly as time passes. Therefore, it is very hard to guarantee "perfect fitting" between original cap and wooden knob. NOTE : 1) Steam knob shaft : We recommend to buyers to disassemble steam knob before ordering. Thereby, please make sure if this wooden item will fit your machine. 2) If you are a buyer who want "perfect fitting" between original cap and wooden knob, please do not order this item !!! 5) Brewing group lever : When you insert wooden knob into the shaft, please try to insert by following the thread smoothly. Even if the knob do not go into the shaft easily at first, please do not push it with force. Then, pull it back and insert it again by following the thread smoothly. That's why wooden thread may crumble by force. 6) Separation original portafilter handle : It's just very hard to separate original rubber/plastic handle from group head by only manual or tool force. Solution1) Do heat up the group head for 1~2 hours enough on machine. Solution2) Do heat up the group head on the gas range, holding handle with wet towel, in order to vaporize instant glue that might applied between head and bolt. Solution1) is recommend than Solution2). That's why Solution2) may occur some soot on head by flame. Then, original handle become unthread somewhat easily with manual turning force. It may need a vice tool for stronger force depend on machine brand. Then, please do insert our wooden handle into group head by hand. 7) Finishing : 3~7 times applied with 2~3 kinds of German premium natural oil. In order to achive higher durability against water and heat, we put much efforts with handmade process. You can also take luxury touch feeling with fignertips. We do not apply on our wood products with chemical finishing materials like urethane which contains harmful components. Of course, natural oil is more expensive and need much manual labor for repeated appling. We want to sell the right products finished with natural oil than urethane. 8) There are somewhat distribution of wood grain & color due to natural material. ※ Caution for portafilter wooden handle : Please refer above photos. When washing in cleaner bowl, please do not drop wooden handle/parts in liquids. That's why its oil coated surface become dull by repeated contact to liquids. Every oil-finished wooden products are same condition. Do not lose your chance to enjoy more delightful espresso time! About us : We 'clubWOOD' are a manufacturer of premium quality woodcrafts in Korea and import various exotic hardwood directly from East Africa. You can find out our all selling items by searching 'clubWOOD' keyword. Shipment : -. We will ship your order within 2 business days via EMS. -. Tracking number should be provide after shipment for every order. -. Import duties/taxes and charges are not included and buyer's responsibility. Contact us We are willing to respond to your inquiry, especially in case of large quantity order. If you have a question of this item or overall question, please feel free to contact us. Thanks.
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